Book Review: Big Look Bible Book by Make Believe Ideas

All aboard! Come join Joseph, Adam, Eve, Mary, Jesus, Noah, Daniel, and David on this boat to learning about the Bible. Each page is bright, beautiful, and creatively shaped so that little hands can turn the pages. The Big Look Bible Book is engaging and fun. It makes these important bible stories relateable and easy to understand. It is perfect for bedtime stories for a baby or for a toddler.

My favorite pages in the book are for the Noah’s Ark story. The animals are colorful and absolutely adorable. I want to take the pictures right out of this book and hang them on the wall. Each story is only a couple sentences long which makes it a good conversation starter with a toddler who doesn’t have the attention span to read longer versions of each Bible story. I can’t say enough wonderful things about The Big Look Bible Book. It is a must buy for anyone who wants to to include religion in their child’s life in an easy to understand way.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.