Book Review: Road Food by Jane & Michael Stern

Road trips are our jam. One of my favorite parts about road tripping is finding really fun, quirky places to eat. This momma is not stopping at McDonald’s for food…ever. What am I looking for in a fun place to stop? Kid friendly, if our son is with us. Homemade dessert, especially pie. And good old hometown cooking. Road Food has all of that and more!

Road Food by Jane & Michael Stern is the perfect road trip companion. This fantastic book is split up into several chapters for different parts of the county. Each restaurant in the book has an address and phone number, as well as, a pricing guide ($ for under $15 for one meal, $$ $15-30 for a meal, etc.) No one wants to stop at a road side restaurant and go over their budget. There are also state maps that shows the road tripper where every restaurant is located. I found this to be really helpful. States are a lot smaller until we drive across them, then it seems like an eternity between lunch and dinner.

Since we are originally from the Philadelphia area, I have been to almost all of the cheese steak eateries in this book. In case you are wondering, Jim’s Steaks (page 115) is my favorite cheese steak location. (Maybe I am a bit bias with the name.) I have also had pizza from Lorenzo’s (page 117) and it is top notch. Quality cheese steaks and pizza are what we are missing over here in Maryland, that’s for sure.

I can’t wait to plan our next short road trip, which is in the early planning stages for North Carolina in September. We have been there before, but it will be our little one’s first time. He isn’t the best person to take out to eat, but practice makes perfect.

I was given a copy of this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review from Random House LLC.