Book Review: Things We Have in Common by Tasha Kavanagh

thingsYasmin lost her father at a young age. When she couldn’t handle the pain, she turned to food for comfort. Eventually, she lost all of her friends, and slowly became obsessed with Alice, a girl in her high school class. Alice is a pretty, popular girl. Yasmin watches her from afar, collecting things that she finds of hers and places them in a box in her room. One day, Alice goes missing. Yasmin predicted it was going to happen, and even suspected who took her, but decided that it was best to solve the mystery herself and save Alice so that she would fall in love with her.

As you can tell from my synopsis, Things We have in Common by Tasha Kavanagh is strange. Not only is it strange, it is very creepy. The entire book made me uncomfortable and uneasy. I wanted to yell at Yasmin for being a psycho and I also wanted to tell her that she needed to stop eating all the time. Yasmin does not get the help she needs in this book. Her mother is naive and her step-father is overbearing. I think the only character I actually like in the book was the little dog named Bea.

Things We Have in Common is written in second person narrative. Yasmin is speaking to a man who she thinks will eventually take Alice. The entire novel is written this way. This concept works well for the book because Yasmin is able to tell this mystery man how she feels. The book feels slow at times. It takes forever for Alice to actually disappear, and once she does, the novel speeds up and gets to the good stuff.  It is a young adult book that has an adult feel. The end is unexpected and worth reaching. I was shocked and had to reread the last few pages, thinking  I missed something. Things We Have in Common is Tasha Kavanagh’s debut novel and it did not disappoint. If you’re into twisted thrillers, this one is for you.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.